Wednesday, January 20, 2010

State Of Florida Name Change Child Support And Name Change In Florida..?

Child Support and Name Change in Florida..? - state of florida name change

Okay, here's the deal. The women had a child a few months and said it was her ex-boyfriend of the child. The ex-boyfriend asked for a paternity test to make sure that the child before you is something in them. He tried several times to get that paternity test just told the mother he had to go through the court to do so. She said that the file of everything I needed and executed, and would touch on this issue, if necessary. Now she says, and are planning to marry her new boyfriend, and wants to change the surname of the child (now with ex-boyfriend not permitted, despite the signing of a birth certificate, but because to do so) the first proof of paternity the name of her new friend, so that "would have the same name that everyone at home." All this is in the state of Florida.

The question here today. If you change the name of the child to her new husband, what happens then with ex-boyfriend and to support the child? If it is determinedby the court, which is infact biological father, he changed the name, not paid child support? Is he still has parental rights?

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kaisergi... said...

His name appears on the birth certificate. It can not change, the child takes the name without his consent, and unless her new husband, the future of the child (again, you will need) a justification of the maintenance will be paid by the father on the list. Id say the only way to solve this DNA evidence and a good lawyer.

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