Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cute Save The Date Saying Feel Like Were Slowly Drifting?

Feel like were slowly drifting? - cute save the date saying

ok my girlfriend and I have been together for 5 years in a long distance relationship .. I live on the West Coast who lives across the street from the East Coast ... Nevertheless, this summer I plan to see him work hard and save up to take a plane and go to him ... is that we both are .. I'm very busy, work hard and with extracurricular activities at their university as a member of the student organization .. Whenever I try to talk a little bit, how to make our first picture together, or the first day or first kiss a little heavy and I wonder fully, if he really wants me .. I talk a little unfair and plan with buttttt not intend to see .. Wanted his say in my vacation to New York to see something new, but the thing that I did not break is because of this or do you think I do not want to see if shes playin hard to get because I love this girl and I wanted to see, and be there for her, because she is curious to know, without her friend to this problem is to Fern --g more and more each year ... Alson, who have fought a lot to recently, and I think we really we are driving to see her and her husband .. How can I do? I'm waiting until the summer when I have the money and say I'm goin 'to New York she would go too low and they see me as a little vacation before .. She lives in New Jersey ... i tryed to be nice and then, but it is a little to think not .. What more should I try, they get interested and excited that her friend is? I regret a lot of your personal information .. really about this girl I think he will marry, and The Whole Nine Yards .. only our situation and where we are


Dopey McGee said...

I think people get upset when you in the sentences with semicolons, instead of three dots (...) all the time. Ellipses to convey a feeling of heaviness and slow motion, while the short sentences and agile emotion and masculinity that his girlfriend love can be transmitted.

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