Monday, February 8, 2010

How Much Clearance For Recessed Lighting How Much Clearance Do I Need Above Recessed Lights/highhats In A New Construction Application, Non IC?

How much clearance do I need above recessed lights/highhats in a new construction application, non IC? - how much clearance for recessed lighting

Thus, our basement began to replace in the kitchen to see that there is only 5 cm deep? (Up) To be able to squeeze in a few built-in lights. What type / model to be installed, and what is the maximum size that I come in? Please be as specific as possible and advice on something would, Home Depot (Halo?). I do not expect to have to go the halogen and the ceilings are very low, what it really needs is a kind of recessed lighting. THANK YOU!


DIYpro said...

5 "is not much room to work. But if you do not exacerbate the problem of IC?" I would say that the boxes make up integrated circuits that you use more space.

I think track lighting bulbs with low voltage. Here is a good link that talks about its use in the kitchen. It is useful to think about ...

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