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Sample Church Donation Letters Sample Donation Request Letter For An Individual?

Sample donation request letter for an individual? - sample church donation letters


I need help writing a letter of donation for my son who is 5 years. It is in great need of dental treatment is limited by the health insurance. Donations will be forwarded to your dentist, c / o my son. The letter from the local business donation will be sent to the church and in the region.

Thank you for your help.


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But beware - sometimes you have something PROFITS OR NOT sign up - you can get into trouble if not properly

Dear Parents:

First, I want to say: Thank you. Thank you for your unconditional support of his son in OurSchool. Fundraising events, parent, school sports, after school activities and everything in the course of a school year, which happened to her commitment that your child has demonstrated the best education possible. By partnering with you here in OurSchool for the education of your child, I would like to know that your commitment does not go unnoticed.

It is partly due to the hectic life they lead everything I write. As you know, OurSchool typically has a fundraiser in the first part of the school andEar for things that are not completely out of the budget of the school of art and music lessons, pay for field trips, science fairs fall, and so on. We also understand that the parents see their children selling products door to door fundraising and came to the status quo rules challenge, such as candies and fundraising car washes tired.

In considering the various possibilities of the fundraising options at the Board meeting of the school, someone suggested that writing the parents, and just let them know how much our budget deficit. We could ask each parent to contribute something to this amount to ensure that we continue the wonderful programs and extracurricular activities OurSchool school is now very highly regarded.

And this brings me to you.

I wish I could say that we will raise funds for a new program or a special event. The reality is that we raise money to only the major programs that we have offered in the past, namely, art and music lessons, trips and our science, the annual fair on.

And determined in part out of concern for you, one of our dear parents, and your valuable time, we ask whether each parent would $ 60 in the next 3 months to help, contribute balanced budget has been insufficient.

Like I said, as we have different possibilities, but in the end, we believe that parents have long OurSchool, the easier and more comfortable to the necessary resources that the parents would bring increasedFeet and ask whether we can share together to the load.

"Many hands make light work," says the proverb. If every parent can in the school an additional $ 60, we have enough for all programs and extracurricular activities throughout the year has passed.

I conclude this letter by thanking you again. Give Thank you for taking the time to read, and if you are able to or not, we know that we greatly appreciate your commitment to your child and school.

Best regards,

The main
Senior OurSchool

PS Do not forget, all with views of the school is fully tax deductible! Thank you again!

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