Monday, November 16, 2009

Hepc More Condition_symptoms Any Suggestions For Coping With The Side Affects Of Pegintron/ribovirin Treatment For HepC?

Any suggestions for coping with the side affects of pegintron/ribovirin treatment for HepC? - hepc more condition_symptoms

I hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis. I went into the treatment of about 2 years but could not tolerate. I start the new treatment, but this time I'll start with interferon alone, and if I was not good, then they will introduce a small dose ribovirin. I am a patient at California Pacific Med Cntr and will probably need a transplant in about 3 years. Does anyone knows anything, help with the terrible side is affected? You want to try to stay on interferon for a year! Even if you have hepatitis C and cirrhosis, can be almost unbearable pain in muscles and joints? My pain is intense. What is your doctor prescribes for pain?


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