Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Fantasy Rpg= What Are Some Good Fantasy Adventure/ RPG Games On Wii, DS And PS2?

What are some good fantasy adventure/ RPG games on Wii, DS and PS2? - good fantasy rpg=

I did react a Wii, DS and PS2 consoles, so please with games. I get some games that are fantasy or role-playing adventure. I like games like Kingdom Hearts (PS2) and Iceland Dog (Wii). Can you tell me about some good games and give some details about her opinions would be good too. Thank you.


Umair A said...

As you know, there are 28 games of Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy VII is known to be the best. It is also the 2nd best RPGs and some investigations Wii charts.However I personally recommend
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
-Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
-Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Harry G said...

Despite his age and even if it really is a PlayStation game and the graphics are terrible, to today's standards, the best RPG of all time is compared to final fantasy 7, my opinion of course. I must go, but on eBay

for the DS, I would have for Final Fantasy 3

and go for the Wii ID to barouque

ss4gokuh... said...

and 1 of the best RPG is Chrono Trigger for Super Nintendo (remake Realese and 25 November in Nintendo DS) Dragon Quest invites a horse is good enough, The World Ends With You is another who must here

... said...

They have some Final Fantasy games for some of them. (Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts)

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